Das Praktikanten-Programm

Möchtest du dein Reiten durch tägliches Arbeiten mit “Top-Professionals” und qualitätsvollen Dressurpferden verbessern?

Das Dressurteam auf Hof Börnsen bietet ein vielseitiges und individuelles Praktikanten-Programm für pferdebegeisterte Reiter aus aller Welt an. Im Austausch für deinen Einsatz bekommst du Unterricht auf hochklassigen Dressurpferden.

Deine wichtigsten Aufgaben werden sein:

  • Vorbereitung der Pferde für die tägliche Arbeit
  • Pflege der Pferde nach der Arbeit
  • Pflege des Reitzubehörs
  • Führen der Pferde auf die Paddocks oder Weiden
  • Longieren der Pferde
  • Begleitung der Pferde auf Turniere

Deine Chancen und Möglichkeiten zu reiten, werden an deiner Erfahrung und Entwicklung innerhalb deiner Praktikumszeit gemessen. Die Teilnahme an Turnieren ist möglich und kann individuell besprochen werden.

Für unsere Praktikanten ist eine Wohnmöglichkeit vorhanden. Sie können zudem an Events und Freizeitaktivitäten teilnehmen.

Falls Du Interesse hast, ein Teil unseres Dressurteams zu werden, kontaktiere uns gerne. Wir würden uns freuen, Dich besser kennenzulernen und deine Möglichkeiten zu besprechen.

The Internship Program

Would you like to improve your dressage skills by working with top professionals and quality horses every day?

The dressage team at Hof Börnsen offers a versatile and individualised internship program for young riders from all over the world. Essentially, in exchange for your assistance, you will receive intensive lessons on well-trained dressage horses in a top class facility.

Your most important tasks will be:

  • Grooming and tacking up horses for daily work
  • Caring for the horses after training sessions
  • Cleaning the riding equipment
  • Leading horses to the paddocks or pastures
  • Lunging
  • Assisting at tournaments

Your chances and opportunities for riding will be determined by your experience and progress during your internship. Your participation in tournaments on our horses is possible and can be discussed individually.

Our interns receive living accommodations and also the opportunity to participate in horse-themed events and leisure activities.

If you are interested in being a part of our dressage team, please contact us. We would be delighted to get to know you better and discuss your possibilities.

Endorsements / Referenzen

Serena Ireland, Newcastle, Australia
My journey at Hof Börnsen began in December 2015, at 17 years old with an initial plan to stay for just 6 months as a working student. I very quickly fell in love with the everyday training, care and management of performance horses of an international level. My riding changed and improved dramatically in this short time under the dedicated guidance of Sven and Judy, with an enormous focus on a correct position and effective riding. I became passionate about their philosophy of management and their emphasis on healthy, correct and sound-minded horses.

I stayed with the Hof Börnsen team for 3 years living the dream of any small town Australian girl with a huge passion for dressage. I had the opportunity to ride horses of every level from ponies to youngsters to FEI and was able to compete a variety of different horses up to Prix St George level.
My time at Hof Börnsen gave me the knowledge, courage and confidence to return to Australia and establish my own training business: Serena Ireland Dressage. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and training I received from Sven and Judy as they have shaped me into the rider and business woman that I am today. Hof Börnsen has become my second family, my home away from home, and I highly recommend the working student program for any passionate dressage rider with a dream.

Emily Smith, Wagga Wagga, Australia
“I was fortunate enough to be able to visit and train at Hof Börnsen twice at separate times in the last two years — the first time wasn’t enough! The experience was absolutely eye opening. As a horse rider for many years in Australia, I just wasn’t prepared for the professionalism, quality of both horses and riders, and the incredible training system in Germany. Judy and Sven are inspiring to watch ride and to learn from; both have their individual strengths, but they work together harmoniously to shape horses and riders to perform to the best of their abilities. The horses are trained to be supple and flexible. Judy and Sven never forget how important a rider’s position is to benefit the horse and to keep the horse engaged with every movement. An unforgettable experience.”

Lilly Joseph, Vermont, USA
“I met Judy in 2006 and had the opportunity to work for her for two years. I learned so much that I have returned every year to continue to work for and train with Judy and now also Sven, her highly talented Bereiter.  This past spring, Judy found me my dream horse in Germany. He is so kind and easy to ride that we were able to place and win in the FEI levels just months after he was imported to America. Our highlight was a 68% in the Inter-1, only four months after I got him. What a horse! I would highly recommend Judy’s horse finding service and training to anyone.”

Sam Bonsignore, Rhode Island, USA
“I came to Hof Börnsen in 2016 for six months, and realized quickly that the training and riding were truly special. I had a great opportunity to see how a well-run, successful farm operates. Traveling to shows, and preparing horses for prospective clients, I learned the amount of care, dedication and expectation of quality that is needed to be successful in this field. Being able to spend so much time learning from Judy and Sven, watching them ride and train their horses, I became more demanding in my expectations for my own riding while following their good example. I now understand what a well-schooled, upper level horse should look, and feel like and have irreplaceable riding experience. This has given me a solid frame of reference for understanding which qualities and characteristics define good riding. This is an internship for the truly dedicated and interested classical rider that isn’t afraid to work hard and learn every day. I look fondly back on my incredible experience at Hof Börnsen, and look forward to visiting in the future!”

Lennart Steindl, Bargfeld-Stegen, Deutschland
Ich habe bereits mehrmals ein Praktikum auf dem Hof Börnsen gemacht. Ich habe geholfen die Pferde fertig zu machen und durfte auch selber verschiedene Pferde reiten. Durch die tägliche Unterstützung von Sven und Judy konnte ich viel lernen und mich dadurch reiterlich deutlich verbessern.

Abby Benaim, Sydney, Australia 
I heard about the boutique stable in Börnsen from my riding instructor. I felt as though my riding was poor and I was sick of not being able to reach the top five in competition. I had ridden dressage but my main focus was on eventing. My goal was to reach 1* on a horse that I had trained myself, but I knew this was not possible without the training.

So I left Australia at the age of 28, leaving behind my career and pets and set off on a trip of a life time. On my first day at Hof Börnsen, Judy asked if I was ok to ride and I jumped to it. I was so excited not realising what I was up for. The first horse I rode required a lot of leg; I struggled to get him in to a canter. With my legs flapping my arms flying, I realised this was going to be harder than I thought.

As the weeks went on I rode different types of horses, ranging from Ponies, Breakers, schoolmasters and horses that required special attention. And I fell in love with one of the schoolmasters. He taught me that if I was not sitting correctly or if my aids where not clear enough then the movement I was asking for would not be evidenced. Over the 6 months of living in Germany, my riding started to change dramatically. I went from a Pony Club rider to someone who was able to use a double bridle the correct way.

At Börnsen, you are not just taught how to go round on a horse: Judy and Sven focus on your position because without the correct position you cannot achieve the movement you want. They have a passion for soft supple horses and you are taught the easy and effective way to achieve this.

After I came home, I worked hard with my horse, still having the goals that I set when I left. I took my horse slowly and worked carefully on the basics. Last year with 50 riders in each class, I was always placed in the top 5. This year my goal is to ride at 1* with a horse I have brought along myself. This would never have been possible without the incredible team at Börnsen. Judy and Sven: it is an absolute credit to you both to be able to take amateur riders on and be able to turn them into something great. I will always be forever grateful.

Live the dream!

Annie Morris, Connecticut, USA
Being at Hof Bornsen was incredible for me because of the opportunity it provided to experience the horse industry in Germany.  I had one-on-one help from Judy and Sven with several horses in regards to riding and training over the time I was there.  I also got to see top notch horse sales.  Attending the shows was amazing because we saw many top competitors and even Olympians from all over Europe. Not to mention just being in Germany allowed me many new an exciting experiences, from their fairs to their food and everything in between.  I am grateful that Sven and Judy made this a positive opportunity for me.