Even though Judy is not from an equestrian family, riding is the only thing she ever wanted to do. From the age of five, she began riding at a nearby stable in Massachusetts. By the time she was a teenager, she had progressed to showing her and other peoples’ horses and even re-schooling racehorses from the local track as show prospects.

After high school Judy earned her bachelor’s degree in physical education and equine studies at the University of Massachusetts. While there, she began a series of internships in Germany to improve her dressage skills. Not only was she able to ride, but she also became acquainted with and was able to train under the direct supervision of Germany’s top riding masters, including the Wahler family at the Klosterhof Medingen, Mrs. Rosemarie Springer, Mr. Fritz Tempelmann, Mr. Siegfried Stemmann and later with the world renowned Mr. Herbert Rehbein.

Judy finally decided to settle in Hamburg, where she could train and show through the “S” levels in the competitive German arena. Additionally, she began to market her own dressage horses in Germany and internationally. Over the years, Judy has developed an extensive network of trainers and other horse people, who, like her, value the patience, care and intelligence that go into educating a healthy, satisfied and willing dressage partner.

At Hof Börnsen, Judy shares the responsibility for managing the riding and sales program with her business partner Sven Dapper. She can usually be found in the riding arena training future champions, giving lessons to the stable’s boarding clients, or with prospective buyers hoping to find that one special horse.